Why should I choose Finishing Touches for my remodeling needs?
Our highly skilled workers have years of experience and training in all trades. Because of our size we are capable of giving you the personalized service that is rarely seen in the remodeling industry. We have great contracts with our partners which allows us to stay competitive.

How can I be sure a company has a reputation for unmatched work, service and honesty?
The majority of our business is through customer referrals and repeat business. Check the Better Business Bureau. We maintain an A+ rating and have been an accredited business with them since March 27, 1995. We are more than happy to provide you a reference list so you can validate our work for yourself.

Time is important to me and I want a company to start and complete my job in a reasonable timeframe. What are some things that Finishing Touches can provide to assist me with this goal?
We want the job done right but also on time. We will do all we can to establish a realistic timetable before the project begins so you know up front what to expect because we want you to enjoy your newly remodeled home as soon as possible.

Do you warranty your work?
We warranty all of the work we do in writing for a period of six(6) months. While we have few warranty issues, should you happen to have one, we will respond as soon as possible to correct it.

How many estimates should I get for a remodeling project?
If a contractor has been recommended to you, you have seen his work and are satisfied with the quality, you have met and talked with the contractor and are comfortable with him, then maybe you only need to get his estimate. If you feel his price is reasonable, then go for it. On the other hand, if you are getting bids from contractors that you have no personal experience with, get three (3) bids. If the bids are within 10-15% of each other, then choose based on your comfort level. If the bids are really different, more investigation needs to be done. Either, a contractor has excluded something and the bids are not “apples to apples”, or there might be something suspicious about a contractor with an out of range bid. Look closely, buyers beware.

I have three (3) different estimates and the prices vary greatly. Why? I want quality, service, and peace of mind but don’t know what questions to ask to achieve these.
There are a number of different factors that go into pricing a remodeling job. Check the obvious first. Make sure that every estimate has the same scope of work. If the estimates are so vague that you cannot decipher that information, go back to the contractor for clarification, in writing not just a “yea, it’s included” over the phone. If you cannot get satisfactory written results, eliminate that contractor from future bidding. The level of service given by a contractor greatly affects the cost. If the contractor spends lots of time picking out materials, attending to every detail, and taking care of all the little extras so you don’t have to, costs a little extra. When a contractor carries all the proper insurance, his price will be higher than a ‘pick-up contractor’. Quality of work, while hard to show in written estimates, is also a factor in costs. We’ve never experienced any problems due to quality issues. We may not be the cheapest contractor but when it comes to quality and honesty, we’re top notch. We care about the excellence of the finished project. Please research our reputation on your own or just ask us, we would be happy to provide a list of previous customers.

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