The complex nature and scope of many kitchen and bath remodeling projects has many people looking for help in these areas. While kitchen and bathroom remodeling is our specialty we also handle a wide variety of other remodeling work around the home such as additions, painting, sheetrock, countertops, tile, flooring, carpentry, cabinetry, and trim to name a few. Over the years, we have completed well over a thousand remodeling projects. We have the expertise needed to handle all projects, from simple to complex.

A successful project begins with a good relationship and detailed planning. Many of our projects start with an initial onsite meeting to discuss ideas and vision. From that meeting we put together a detailed proposal and design for customer review. After we have included new ideas or revisions, we update our proposal and this is the beginning of another successful project.

Real estate, building and remodeling surveys have found that kitchen and bathroom remodeling adds the most value to your home and will likely give you a 100% return on your investment. Additionally, newly remodeled kitchens are an attractive feature that will help sell your home. Whether your project is as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint, or as intricate as gutting the room back to the wall studs, when you remodel, you’re investing in your home’s value and ultimately, your enjoyment.

It’s not just our slogan, it’s our passion and commitment to you !

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